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Our Electrical Services

Forrester Electrical offers residential and commercial electrical services, based here in Port Stephens. Forrester Electrical provides the highest quality work for our clients, with a focus on both customer service and results! Scroll down to learn more about our services or give us a call! 

Residential Electrical

Looking for a reliable residential electrician in Port Stephens? Look no further than Forrester Electrical!

Our licensed and experienced electricians specialize in a wide range of residential electrical services, including switchboard upgrades, electrical rewiring, LED lighting, smoke alarm installation, and security lighting. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, our team can supply and install all of your electrical needs.

Trust us to deliver top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service every time.

Commercial Electrical

Forrester Electrical provides electrical installation services for both industrial and commercial purposes. Whether you have a large or small commercial fit out, we understand that its important we work with you to complete your project, on time and on budget. We can work alongside your Builder or project manager, ensuring your new office or shop fit out is carried out safely and with minimal disruption to your business and provide quality and professional workmanship.

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation Services

Forrester Electrical is your trusted installer for state-of-the-art charging stations for your electric vehicle, whether it be for your home or business.


For most EV owners, home (overnight) charging is an essential part of running an EV. Commercial slow and fast chargers are becoming widely available and are great when you are out and about but there is nothing more convenient than having a home charger.

A properly sized and installed AC charger is the key to efficient, reliable home charging. While very small portable AC chargers with a cord and 3 pin plug are available they are really only meant for use when you are away from home or in emergencies. A properly sized and installed AC charger is essential for reliability and to obtain the maximum overnight charge.

The choice of charger will depend on your EV and the amount of power available at your home. The charger will generally be wall mounted indoors (outside if required) and have its own dedicated electrical supply directly from your home’s switchboard. Some new EVs include a home charger as part of the purchase package, otherwise a suitable 3rd party charger can be selected.

Solar Electrical Services

Forrester electrical offers smart solar systems that are a valuable addition to your home. It will generate clean, free electricity to power your household and can also increase the resale value of your home.‍
A solar system can drastically reduce the amount of electricity you need to buy from your existing energy retailer and replaces it with free energy you have generated yourself from the sun shining on your roof, it’s a straight forward and very clever system.


Panel Installation

We utilize advanced tools and methods to take your solar panels down safely. At Forrester Electrical, we don’t let solar panel systems become a problem for our clients. Let the Forrester experts help you out.

Panel Cleaning

When compared to clean solar panels, dirty solar panels generate nearly 15 percent less energy. This will not only have a negative impact on your solar panel system’s production, but will also affect your investment.

Panel Repair

If your solar panel system is not performing properly, call us immediately to get it checked. We conduct a detailed, thorough inspection to ensure your system is free of defects and issues.

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